Rust-Oleum NS200 Anti-Slip Aggregate

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Product Description

  • NS200 / NS300 anti-slip granulates, made of thermally split flint stones, turn a standard floor coating into a durable anti-slip coating
  • Thermally split flint stone granules provide a durable anti-slip finish
  • Choice between small granules (NS200) or slightly larger granules (NS300)
  • Formulated for use with 1- or 2-pack floor coatings
  • Can be mixed into coating or broadcast over the final (wet) finish
  • Sprinkling: sprinkle the granulates onto the freshly applied, wet coating, manually with a "sprinkler-box" for small areas, or with special low-pressure spraying equipment. Mixing: mix the granulates into the wet coating material and apply the coating with a roller or a brush (not by spraying), stir regularly to avoid settling of the granulates.



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